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Building and Planning

What is the gas safe register?
The Gas Safe Register is the register of approved gas engineers administered by Capita on behalf of the government. Capita took over the scheme from CORGI in 2010.

Any work on gas installations must be carried out by approved engineers, who will issue a certificate to show that the work complies with building regulations and is to the required standard.

When selling, your buyer (and their lender) will want to see that any work which has been carried out - for example the installation of a new boiler - has been carried out by a competent person by checking the gas safe certificate. If you are selling and you have lost your certificate, you can contact either CORGI or Capita, depending on the year in which the work was carried out.

If you aren't sure whether the work was carried out in 2009 or 2010, when the schemes cross over, the Gas Safe Register department at Capita should be able to tell you.

Regardless of whether you have a copy of the original installation certificate, a buyer may insist on seeing a more recent inspection or servicing report.

Other frequently asked questions
What is the difference between planning and building regulation consent?
  Building Regulation Approval is required whenever new structures are built or existing ones are altered.
Does the work I am doing need planning consent?
  Not all work requires planning consent. You do not usually need it for internal changes to buildings, or
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  A person or company registered as a competant person with a relevent professional body. This means that
I have paid my friend to do some work to my house, but he is not a member of an industry scheme. Is this a problem?
  There is no legal requirement to employ a competent person. To cut costs you may employ someone who is
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My neighbour is building an extension and I want to stop him. What can I do about it?
  Can only really object if the extension requires planning consent – if the extension is cont
I have received a planning notice. What do I do now?
  Find out what the application is for and who made it – should be basic information available on the
I want to build an extension on to my property. Can I do this?
  It depends – main issue is planning consent: first determine if the work you are doing does
The local authority has contacted me threatening enforcement action over my extension. What do I do?
  Should immediately stop any work. You will need to consider whether the council’s threat is valid
I am installing a bathroom. Do I need planning or building regulation consent?
  Generally installing a bathroom suite would not require either Planning or Building Regulation Consent.
Do I need planning permission for installing new windows?
   I am installing some new windows. Do I need planning or building regulation consent