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The Law Society estimates that over 70 percent of the population do not have an up-to-date Will. Considering the importance of this document this is a worrying statistic. If you do not make a Will then you will die intestate, meaning an uncertain future for your loved ones.

We strongly advise that you make and maintain an up-to-date Will for security in the future. Come down to our Brighton offices and we will be more than happy to explain the process to you. We can also advise you on Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Free Wills and Deed Storage

Our firm offer free Wills and Deeds storage to ensure the protection of these most valuable of documents.

Why make a Will?

In the event of your death:

Your family will not be subjected to unnecessary costs and delay and will have control over what happens to your property.

If you are co-habiting without a marriage you can ensure your partner receives their entitlement.

You can reduce the amount of tax you will have to pay.

You can choose to keep the family house rather than it having to be sold and the assets distributed.

You can protect your business partners from potential trouble.

You can decide who administers your estate.

The children can be provided with a legal guardian.

Gifts can be left for family and friends as way of remembrance.

Wills can be complex and  your estate may have more value than you think. Remember your estate is made up of:

Your home

Your business

Your Savings

Insurance and pension policies

Personal possessions

Second homes

Before making your Will there are some things you should consider first:

The value and nature of your property.

Your beneficiaries.

Your business interests.

Tax implications – including inheritance tax.

Who will administer your estate?

Who you wish to look after any children.

What funeral arrangements you would like.